High Density Poly Ethylene gutter mesh has been used in Australia for almost 30 years. Our poly mesh has an aperture of 4mm x 4mm and is made from 100% virgin polymers which is essential for providing longevity and stability.

Available in 12 colours the poly mesh is manufactured using state of the art plastic extruding technology and with a strand thickness of 2.3mm offers great strength. Poly mesh can be a more suitable choice where issues from dissimilar metals may otherwise arise, as it has no reaction when used in conjunction with copper, lead or stainless steel roof and guttering materials.

Whilst very effective in eliminating leaf debris and vermin from roof gutters our poly mesh is not suitable for customers building or renovating a home in deemed bushfire prone areas.

Base Material

100% Virgin High Density Poly-ethylene


4.0mm x 4.0.mm

Application Type

Gutter Guard


Specially formulated UV & fade resistant

Manufacturing Technique

Industry leading extruding technology

Strand Width


Strand Thickness


Mesh Weight (approx)

650 g/m2


10 Years

Max Roll Size

1000mm x 50m

Standard Widths


Available By The Meter


Australian Standard Test


Gutter Guard -Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Suitability


Ember Guard - Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Suitability